Rana Gajender Chand, a true blood Rajput thakur with royal lineage that could be traced to Maharaja of Garhwal, was born on 19th August, 1929 in Mansowal and expired on : 26th April, 1992 in a car accident. He started his early education at Mansowal school then did his Cambridge education from Colonel Brown’s at Dehradun. By age of 18-19 years, he was back at Mansowal looking after the farms that the family owned. He was always ready to help the needy people. All the houses currently in Mansowal village are built on land that belongs to this family and were gradually given to the poor and destitue farmers of the area who were bereft of a roof over their head by the large hearted Ranaji. At times money and basic amenitities were also provided to the needy by him.

In 1960′ untouchably was widely prevalent but Ranaji totally rejected this notion and treated everybody as equal. His son is of the opening that they are not even 10% of him in terms of generosity and the desire for betterment of others.Summing up, we can say that he was a true social up lifter believing in neither class nor creed, simply working for the benefit of humaniy. His eldest son Yatender Chand Tikka also has a close connection with the villagers and is actively involved in pomoting women education in this area and that’s what made him donate this 18 acres of land in his fathers memory to the Trust for starting educational institutions to promote education among the women of this area. He has recently started 2 scolarship in MBBG Collegiate school of Rs. 50,000/. in name of Raj Mata Tara Devi and another Rs. 50,000/. -in name of Raj Mata Shakuntala Devi .