The Vision of the College:

  • To increase the number of educators and scholars committed to creating opportunity for educational excellence and equity for all learners, in particulars those from rural areas, and to enhance academic achievement at every level
  • To strengthen and intensify culture of scholarship among education faculty and build up the spirit of team work and collaboration with colleagues from diverse areas of specialization across the campus as well as the state.
  • To develop a sustained, comprehensive, and coherent programs of research in support of student learning across linguistically and culturally diverse settings.
  • To engage in collabrative planning and consultation with the stakeholders of society on implementing transformative process to enhance efficiency and meet the needs of the students community regardings placements.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is the study and practice of education through teaching, reasearch, and service in rural area as we aim to:

  • Address critical education issues.
  • Test new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Educate Professionals who can facilitate human growth and development in schools,homes, communities, and work places, and prepare students for participation in a complex challenging and challenging soiety.

In carrying out our misson we value:

  • Excellence in all that we do.
  • Diversity of people and perspectives.
  • Relationship of services, accountability, collaboration and advocacy.
  • Ideas their discovery, discussion and dissemination and
  • Innovation in teaching, technology, and leadership.

Core value of the college:

  • Giving highest priority to teaching and learning
  • Placing the liberal arts and sciences at the center of the undergraduate education.
  • Stressing critical thinking communication and technological competence as essential skills.
  • Fostering intellecutal growth, ethical maturity, and civic responsibility.
  • Balancing theory with practical applicaton.
  • Responding to the individuals needs of an increasingly diverse student population.
  • Preparing students for an increasingly diverse society and global economy
  • Emphasizing service an integral part of teacing and life long- learning.