Swami Brahma Nandji Bhuriwale Founder Patron of Maharaj Bhuriwale Garib Dassi Education Trust was a saint with a difference as he preferred building “Temples of Knowledge” (Educational Institutions) rather than religious temples and deras and preached “Service To Humanity” along with spiritualism. He belonged to an affluent family of jamindars,who also had a large farm in Nainital. Shri Girdahari Singh (the real name of Swami Brahma Nandji Bhuriwale) came in contact with Swami Lal Dassi Bhuriwale and in 1962 he renounced all worldy comforts to become Swami Brahma Nand Dass Ji (Founder fo the Garib Dassi sect.)

Since then, Swami Brahma Nandji dedicated his life to the welfare of the “Gau (cow), Garib (Poor) and Kanya (Girl).” He had urged his disciples to donate generously for setting up schools and colleges in remote rural areas for the benefit of the poor, especially girls.Besides, he had also mobilised his disciples and devotees to set up hospitals and organise medical campus in village. Swami Brahma Nandji Bhuriwale was honoured by the Governor of Punjab(India) for his notable contribution in the field of education. Acharya Sh. Chetna Nands Bhuriwale , a disciple of Swami Brahma Nand Bhuriwale was nominated by Maharaj Ji as his successor to carry on the good work.

Acharaya Swami Chetnanandji Maharaj ( Bhuriwale) was born as Chandra Shekhar Chauhan in Ambala city on 2nd of April- 1957 to Shri. Ramrakha Mal Chauhan and Late Smt.Manso Devi Chauhan. After a few year, he shifted to their native place at village: Jhandian Kalan Distt.:Ropar, Punjab. Swaiji has passed his 10th standard from D.A.V High School, Takhatgarh, near to Bains, District: Ropar, Punjab after which Satguru Bharmanadji Maharaj Bhuriwale sent him to “Sumpurnanad Sanskrit Vishva Vidhyalaya” in Banaras where he studied from 1984 to 1992 and achieved his degree of Vedhant Shasti and Acharya. On May 1, 2002, when Shri Satguru Brahmanand ji Maharaj Bhuriwale left for his” Satlok Dham” then Vedhant Acharya Swami Chetnanandji Maharaj Bhuriwale succeeded him on the ” Guru Gaddi” on 17th May 2002. He has also been urging his disciples from allover the world to donate generously for setting up schools and colleges in remote rural areas for the benefit of the poor, especially girls and is actively involved in setting up free multi-speciality medical camps and every year in rural areas where medicines are distributed free cost among needy patients.

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